She starts to has actually good crush into the Shawn, curious just how his sex could possibly get operate in sleep

She starts to has actually good crush into the Shawn, curious just how his sex could possibly get operate in sleep

She appears as a supporting profile inside the seasons 1-step three, among the tritagonists inside year cuatro-5 and you may a supporting protagonist and you will a beneficial deuteragonist so you’re able to Tommy in season 6. She starred in an effective flashback inside the Season step one episode nine out of Energy Book II: Ghost.

12 months One

The woman is introduced as the best friend out of Tasha, usually getting together with their whatever the. She will make it not a secret to help you Tasha, exactly who sometimes ignores the lady terms and conditions.

Year A couple

She seen Shawn possess an attraction to Tasha but that does not prevent the girl from and make improves into him, something that anxieties Tasha. From the some point, Shawn pushes this lady household as well as get acquainted with both, along with her applying for him so you’re able to disregard Tasha by simply making your forget this lady telephone call and you can making out your. This can lead to him developing a desire for the girl.

As he visits the lady apartment, she’s suspicious regarding if the guy would like the girl but is convinced because of the a kiss and they have gender. Later, she shows so you can Tasha of your encounter and this he had been «good», certainly experiencing the find. Yet not, she observes Tasha’s envious impulse and deduces the attitude each other.

From inside the afterwards days, she discovers you to Tasha is sleeping which have your afterwards, but alot more to possess relationships requirements. Although not, LaKeisha is actually envious of the two because the Tasha took something try hers but accepted it regardless of.

She was the fresh new 4th person to understand Shawn died, shortly after Tasha’s phone call. If you’re she actually is unfortunate, she did actually has actually gotten over his death less than simply her closest friend.

12 months Three

Observed towards the 12 months 3, LaKeisha are been shown to be an owner from a beauty salon when you look at the Ny. Within this spa, she also provides Tasha a job here when the she called for more cash. When Holly seems with the the lady health spa, once you understand she took Tasha’s earrings in earlier times, LaKeisha becomes vex but calms herself according to help you Tasha’s solutions.

Keisha went missing when you look at the season about three finale since the she was at their store when Tommy came in and its particular unfamiliar just what the guy did so you can their.

Seasons Five

It is later showed that Tommy took LaKeisha out of the city to cover up the woman away from Milan. Adopting the crime boss’ demise, Tommy came back to recover this lady allowing the lady in order to get back which have Tasha and you may let her look for Angela the very first time and you will witness their raid the latest St. Patrick’s flat when you find yourself getting evidence facing James.

Seasons Four

Tommy visits this lady and you will apologizes getting his leaving regarding their. He then informs the woman regarding his eating together with dad and you may stepmother, revealing which he told her or him from the their as well as how she generated your happier in their day together.

This woman is flattered by this whenever the guy tries to leave, Keisha finishes your and forgives him ahead of saying she actually is willing provide your some other chance when the he features it actual with their. They hug and also sex. The very next day, she finds your nevertheless here and you can to make breakfast for her, albeit cereal but she is handled. She claims after that the only method i will fuck to you for folks who i would ike to carry out the preparing. Tommy was not answering Keshia’s messages otherwise calls. Keshia explains so you’re able to Tommy’s home cheek kiss Tommy tells the woman the guy couldn’t address because the he was hectic he then informs Keisha «You need to get regarding right here now» Keshia claims «Move exactly what the hell is going on». Tommy will continue to share with the woman to leave Lakeshia does not she says to Tommy «Your changed Tommy We haven’t seen you like it parship quizzes in advance of whats taking place». Tommy (SCOFFS) and says «Go homeward Keshia i am going to call you after». She claims «Go back home, ‘Keshia Hold up we simply got dining with your family you contacting myself your girlfriend when you look at the shit now everybody banged upwards your cannot even correspond with myself Their Such as I don’t Even comprehend You». Tommy then state «You don’t would you like to learn me personally I harm everybody else that will get romantic in my opinion i am good goddam beast». She after that you will need to comfort him. Tommy she says he continues to give the lady to get out. He finally extends to the point where hes such as «Can you Get the Shag Regarding My personal Flat». Lakeshia (EXHALES) and says «Bang You Tommy and be new screw off myself».

Later on Cooper Saxe tries to get Lakeisha to the snitching into Tommy and you will declines, Tasha and you may Lakeisha’s friendship finishes whenever Tasha wanted the lady in order to rest once more for her. Tommy attracts Lakeisha more and you will apoligies so you’re able to the lady throughout the lashing aside on her behalf. Tommy reveals in order to Lakeshia that he used to snort cocaine so you’re able to rating high however, stop as he started to day the lady once again but relapsed yesterday. Lakeisha states she understands due to your shedding their dad. Lakeisha reveals to Tommy that Saxe shared with her on Teresi and you will, made an effort to rating the woman so you’re able to flip at first but informed her to acquire him to snitch toward Ghost just like the CPS would need this lady son of their.

Tommy examination her support because of the hiding his gun according to the chair also to prove in the event that she is down which have your. Along with he guarantees the girl which he commonly protect the lady and money. Lakeisha says one the woman is down.

12 months Six

Keisha suits Tommy’s mommy, just who this woman is delayed from the due to her designs and the second is not such inviting of their. Although not, Kate progress respect on her just after Keisha defends her boy off bullies.

During the In to the Child, Keisha is actually bad during the helping the St. Patrick’s but happens with-it to save Tariq. She brings up a legitimate point-on making certain in case your mob won’t kill Tariq even when they receive money. Ghost agreed and you can Tommy had BG assist him kidnap among Vincent’s guys.

Whenever you are assaulting along the weapon Tasha affect propels Keisha in the belly. Horrified by their actions, Tasha knows that Lakeisha is actually a loose stop and also to manage the girl guy she’s in order to perish. Keisha pleads Tasha on account of Cash and you will Tasha thinks about inside. Once the next off concern, Tasha things that last apology in order to this lady and you can fatally propels Keisha regarding direct. Bad, Tasha after that flees the space. When Tommy output on the domestic so you’re able to propose to the woman, he locations their corpse. Declining the lady man to be traumatized from the eyes off their lifeless mommy, Tommy enjoys Bucks Offer remain straight back as he mourns the girl demise and glares in the band the guy meant to give the lady.

Tommy produced Bucks to his father, for the latter getting troubled because of the Keisha’s death and you will offering good hand to greatly help.

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